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runwayslash's Journal

Project Runway Slash
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This is a community for slash and femmeslash fanfiction involving the contestants on the Bravo reality show Project Runway. While Runway is a very entertaining and interesting show about the fashion industry, there are some fans that are sad and pathetic enough to the point where they would love it more if it were simply a Big Gay Love Parade (which it nearly is?). We are those sad, pathetic fans!

While the moderator doesn't want to designate herself as the community Nazi and start policing everyone's work, there are some basic rules for the sake of order and everyone's sanity.

1) Do not join/read this community if you do not intend to post fic or comment to fics constructively. Do not join the community if you have something against slash, RPS, or fanfiction in general. Yes, we are freaks. We are fully aware of this fact! Flaming is really annoying. No one here really cares how much you dislike slash or how unethical you think Real Person Fic is. If we did, this community would not exist.

2) Please place all fics underneath a cut tag.

3) Include a disclaimer with your work so none of us get sued, thanks.

4) Off topic posts including community promotions will be deleted.