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Request? [Mar. 11th, 2010|11:35 pm]
Project Runway Slash



I've been following this community for a while now, but never really posted anything so I don't know if it's allowed to request something. If not, I'm sorry.

It seems to me that this community is kinda, sorta dead and so I was wondering to maybe liven it up a bit if someone could write me (not to sound greedy) some season 7 Ben/ Seth Aaron slash.

Its weird, but i see them in my head, but I can't write to save my life. And after Ben got eliminated, well I feel like I need some cheering up.


So if this is allowed, I would love you forever if somebody did that for me. Like 10000times more than everyone's love for Santino Rice.

Please and Thank you!


[User Picture]From: anoel
2010-03-12 05:13 am (UTC)
Can you put the elimination under the cut? I just got spoiled and at least others won't have to.

I'm always up for more runway slash though! Can't write sadly.
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